Want to be sure your hardware provides the best playback experience?Then you should care about Xvid Certification.

  • Assures best possible compatibility to all Xvid content.
  • Differentiates high-quality products from low-end devices.

Strong Benefits to OEMs and Consumers alike

Best Interoperability

Xvid Certification ensures perfect interoperability with all content created with the popular Xvid video codec. Many devices falsely claim it but then don't deliver. Only Xvid Certification is the proof.

No expensive License Fees

Ironically, license fees are what makes electronic devices expensive to the consumer nowadays. Not with us. We only ask for a one-time testing fee to cover our efforts. Not any expensive per-unit royalties.

Highest Picture Quality

Non-certified and low-end devices often exhibit bad picture quality or plain errorness playback. The Xvid Certification process ensures such issues are identified and fixed early in development.

Multi-format Decoder Software

We do not only provide a reference implementation for playback of Xvid content but our Software Portfolio covers also many other popular formats. It is readily available for many platforms making it easy to build devices supporting all popular video formats.

Clear Differentiator

The well-known Xvid Logo shown on device body and packaging makes it easy to distinguish high-quality, certified devices from technically inferior, low-end products. It's a guide for consumers to choose the best product and a great way for OEMs to show they listen to customers' demand.

Access to Expert Know-How

We work closely with OEMs throughout certification to help solve whatever playback issues pop up. We have years of experience and know the cause to many common problems. It's a win for everyone: Better products at quicker time to market.

Certification Profiles

Our Xvid video codec operates based on so-called interoperability profiles. The following profiles targeting different use-cases or playback devices are defined in the Xvid codec:

  • Xvid Mobile: Designed for mobile devices with small screen sizes like low-end smartphones.
  • Xvid Home: Geared towards standard definition (SD) home entertainment devices.
  • Xvid HD 720: Intended for high-definition (HD) devices supporting 720p HD resolution.
  • Xvid HD 1080: High-end 1080p Full HD consumer electronics like e.g. Bluray Players.

There are more subtile distinctions than just resolutions as there are differences also with regard to compression tools employed. The Xvid profiles stand out by supporting also more advanced coding tools like e.g. quarterpel motion compensation or custom quantization matrices for best MPEG4 video quality. Consequently, Xvid-certified devices have proven to stick to the highest technical standards.

Decoder Requirements Brief

Mobile Home HD 720 HD 1080
Max. Resolution 352x240 @ 30fps
352x288 @ 25fps
720x480 @ 30fps
720x576 @ 25fps
1280x720 @ 30fps 1920x1080 @ 30fps
Max. Bitrate 1 334 850 4 854 000 9 708 400 20 480 000
Max. B-frames 5 5 5 5
Quarterpel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quantization Method H.263/ MPEG/ CQM H.263/ MPEG/ CQM H.263/ MPEG/ CQM H.263/ MPEG/ CQM
Adaptive Quantization Yes Yes Yes Yes
4MV Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interlaced Coding No Yes Yes Yes
Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) 1:1 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 1:1, 4:3, 16:9

Join Us and become a Partner!

Back in 2006 we first time went to draft a certification program for consumer electronic devices that ensures a user experience matching the uncompromised quality of the Xvid codec. Since then, lot has progressed and many iterations later evolved the program we have today.

The focus of our certification program is - and has always been - purely on assuring interoperability and best video quality. So as part of our certification, we do not demand any overly restrictive licensing terms or expensive per-unit royalty fees.

Our aim is fully on making it as easy and inexpensive as possible for new partners to join our program and extend best-quality Xvid playback support to ever devices.

We partner with:

  • OEMs: Our Xvid Device Certification program enables OEMs the development of high-quality Xvid-enabled consumer electronics devices.
  • IC Makers: We support chip makers to reach proper Xvid support in video-centric SoCs via our Xvid IC Qualification program or provide general consultancy around codec design.

As of today, our certification turned out quite successful with millions of certified devices sold worldwide and top brands like SONY having opted to partner with us.

You're an OEM and would like to know more?

To obtain further information on the Xvid profiles, the certification process and the technical requirements, please write us at: certification@xvidsolutions.com

We're happy to guide you in how also your device could become certified!


Xvid qualified ICs / SoCs and Xvid certified electronics devices stand as a synonym for full interoperability and the best in video quality. That's because our focus is truly on reflecting typical user preferences and content that's actually 'out in the wild'.

By ensuring the best compatibility and feature-richness, our Xvid product certification offers a real positive differentiator for all high-performing and video-centric consumer electronic devices.

Steps to obtain Certification

We test all devices undergoing Xvid Certification physically in our own labs. However after signing up to our certification, we give all partners access to our Certification Test Kit. Partners can then use it to pretest new models on-site already still early during development.

Once satisfied with in-house test results, partners send a test sample for certification to us. After receipt, we pipe it through our labs within a ten day timeframe and then grant certification on successful testing.