High-performing Video Decoder and Encoder Solutions.Licensable software libraries for all major video compression standards.

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Xvid Solutions - developing best quality and highest performing video codecs for applications in PC, mobile and embedded computing.


Xvid Solutions is backed by the developers of the popular Xvid codec. We know video compression by heart and design best-performing multimedia solutions for more than a decade.

Based on our experience, we do custom software development and consulting around all kind of video-centric projects.


Codec Licensing

Our expertise is video compression. We have developed a set of high-performance video de- and encoder libraries for all popular multimedia standards that we offer for licensing.

Our libraries can be used to build PC software, apps for mobile devices or be plugged into consumer electronics devices.


Device Certification

We partner with leading chip makers and device manufacturers in the consumer electronics market to help them design products fully compatible to the popular Xvid video format and thereby achieve the best possible experience for the user.

Our Xvid certification logos serve millions of consumers as their trusted guide.