About Us

We at Xvid Solutions are experts in video compression technologies and can assist you in your video-centric software or hardware development project.

Over time, we've worked already with quite a few clients from different industries targeting a diverse range of use-cases from video conferencing over video surveillance to medical imaging or also home entertainment applications.

What we do

We develop licensable video de- and encoder libraries covering all major video compression standards and have a lot of experience in getting our code up to the best performance in both server/desktop as well as mobile or embedded environments.

In PC products, we've licensed our software into computer games, DVD/CD authoring tools or video converter applications. And in the embedded world you can find our software in mobiles, tablets or thin-clients. As part of our Xvid certification program we also partner with consumer electronic device makers to help build the best, next-gen home entertainment devices.

Have some Question?

Then why not send us a quick e-mail to info@xvidsolutions.com. We will get back to you swiftly!

You may also use our Contact Form to send your request instantly.

Who We Are

Xvid Solutions is a boutique software company based in Germany. It has been founded by the core developers of the popular Xvid video codec. As such, we have our roots in the open-source movement and continue to contribute in various open-source projects.

Our interest is in all new technologies around digital video. And with the exciting developments in this area we're still just as enthusiastic about our work today as when we started out almost a decade ago. While seated in Germany, we work as a small international team with our engineers today roaming almost the entire globe.

Our Mission

Video compression can seem complicated. There are so many standards, profiles and levels, so many different parameters to select. At the same time getting it right is so important because achieving the best compression degree or the quickest processing speeds can save hundred thousands of dollars in BOM or network costs.

We are here to make it less confusing. We work hard to create software that always fits its use-case perfectly. And we take pride in developing long-term partnerships with our clients aiming to provide a simple and trustworthy one-stop shop experience for all their video-related need.